As in all other areas, we attach great importance to quality and function in our packaging.

Depending on the product, our goods are protected against damage by transparent foil, blister packaging or cardboard boxes.

True to the motto "what you see is what you get", the products are always visible to the customer. This allows the customer to get an exact impression of the goods directly at the POS.

With our shelves and shelf sets, the customer receives additional information on content and assembly instructions through a three-sided product inlay.

In addition, the product information is visible from many sides and enables a flexible display presentation.

Since our products are available worldwide, internationally understandable icons and sketches explain everything worth knowing about the products and give valuable tips for assembly and use.

In addition to our product packaging, we also offer our customers, upon acceptance, "own label packaging" which gives them the opportunity to sell our products with the company’s own brand and logo.