Shelf Sets


BIGBOY – 50mm thick and yet light as a feather. The invisible two-piece wall fixtures are easy to mount and very sturdy. Available in various decors, two depths: 25cm and 30cm and different sizes offer your customer a wide variety to choose from.

The BIG BOY wall shelves are DIN 16337-certified and hold up to 50kg. BIG BOY is a lightweight composite board with built in frame-and-board technology. Two steel fixtures are included together with purpose-built screws and high quality TOX wall plugs, which work in both concrete and dry walls. 

Each board is shrink-wrapped in high-gloss PE film with a 4-colour product flyer and a detailed mounting instruction on the back.


SHELF + Shelf Kits – the carefree choice for your customer. We hand selected boards and brackets and put them in kits. These kits come in various styles to appeal to the increasingly diverse customer taste ensuring the customer can rely on the perfect fit for shelf and bracket both in style and in function. 

No particular merchandising supports are needed to set a complete bay of Shelf+ Kits. All items are being placed either upright standing or lying on standard shelf racks. That makes it easy to introduce new products by just replacing outdated kits and with only small changes you can refresh your product offering in no time. 

Each Shelf+ product is shrink-wrapped in high gloss PE film. It comes with an attractive 4-colour-product flyer, mounting instructions and quality fixtures.