Shelf Cubes


SHELF + KUBUS – cubes and boxes in different shapes allow multiple configurations. Be it with rounded or with square corners, with back walls or without or as plain or nested cube sets. For wall fastening or for stacking them up, Shelf+ Kubus are highly versatile to meet your customer needs!

No particular merchandising supports are needed to set a complete bay of Shelf+ Kubus. All items can be placed on standard shelf racks and this makes it easy to introduce new cubes by just replacing outdated ones. With only a small investment you can consistently refresh your product offering and keep it up-to-date. 

Each Shelf+ Kubus product is shrinkwrapped in high gloss PE film. It comes with an attractive 4-colour-product flyer, mounting instructions and quality fixtures.








CLIC - the innovative cubic shelving system. The cubes have various applications; you can either use them as a nightstand to create storage on the floor or you can hang them on the wall.

The Clic 2x2 provides even more space. Made of chipboard with melamine coating, the cubes are very sturdy and can be easily mounted and dismounted. Due to the Clic-system, you do not even need any tools. Various colour options give the customer a broad choice.

You can integrate the Clic cubes easily into your product presentation as they are flat packed. A cardboard box and foil protect the cubes from scratches and a 3-sided coloured product leaflet allows a flexible presentation.


CLIC 2x2