Facts and Figures

• Founded: 1982

• Activity: Development and distribution of wall shelves and shelving systems

• Products: wall shelves and brackets made of wood, glass and metal, shelving systems, furniture feet

• Customers: German and international DIY stores, international trading partners for DIY stores, international online shops for shelving systems 

The business was established in 1982 as Brenneisen GmbH. In the mid 1990s, the DOLLE Group acquired the business and since the new millennium it has traded under the name DOLLE Wohnregale. The business is located in the Rhein-Main area and lies advantageously in logistical terms in the centre of Germany, around 20 minutes by car south of Frankfurt. From small beginnings the volume of trade has grown in equal measure with the explosive growth of the German building and DIY market. The business was quick to adjust to the new demands of this growing branch of the industry - with DIY products, presentation of goods and delivery service. 

At the end of the 1980s wooden shelves and solid wood console tables formed the main focus of the range. The range of shelving was subsequently expanded following the acquisition of the business. Today DOLLE Wohnregale offers the entire spectrum of shelving systems and brackets for wall mounting, skilfully and all-inclusively made by one producer. The range of the materials includes wood, plastic and glass to steel, aluminium and zamak. 

An important step in securing the future was taken at the beginning of the new millennium. After a construction time of only 7 months, the new logistics and administration centre in Groß-Rohrheim was occupied in November 2000. These investment measures were made possible by the growth of previous years and had become necessary in order to make the flow of internal logistics more efficient. At the same time, with the expansion of the high-shelf depot to 2,200 m2 and the office area to 400m2, the preconditions have been created for further expansion in the future.

More than 60% of the current turnover is attained from the sale of products that have been in de-velopment less than 3 years. This indicates the major innovation in this predominantly "homely" range. The greatest importance is thus given to product development. New product ideas are constantly being developed in-house. The product design, the packaging and the presentation of the goods are realised in-house in the course of this, while the sourcing of the various components is made on a global scale. 

Among the German customers at the beginning were construction market pioneers. Today DOLLE-Wohnregale supplies 15 of the 20 most profitable construction market groups in the whole of Germany. However, export activities have also accelerated sharply since integration. Via wholesale partners, DOLLE product ranges are sold in Europe, but also worldwide in the Americas, Africa, Aus-tralia and Asia.